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What’s Holding You Back from BIM?

You’ve heard about BIM…you might have missed out on some projects because you haven’t adopted BIM…and you want to be successful in the AEC space…so what is holding you back?

An increasing number of projects require Building Information Modelling (BIM). So why are some firms sticking with 2D design? Does fear of change hold you back? Don´t fear BIM; it´s a change for the better.

In this video, Lynn Allen, Autodesk technology evangelist, looks at why it´s time to explore BIM. She explains how BIM can help you work faster, and why adding BIM to your resume can help you get ahead.

BIM and Desktop Subscription

There’s never been a better time for CAD software users to explore BIM. Desktop Subscription offers a more scalable way to get started with Autodesk® Building Design Suite so that you pay for the software only when you need it.

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