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Virtual Construction Revit Modelling with BIM-MEPaus – Floth Sustainable Building Consultants

Watch a short video to see the results of virtual construction Revit modelling. This plant room model by our customer, Floth Sustainable Building Consultants, was fully designed and modelled using the BIM-MEPaus template and content.

Floth continue to stay abreast of industry trends and developments, and with the advent of BIM and VDC technology and philosophy, have been able to harness the value and power that designing and modelling with real-world and spatially-correct content allows.

With such a tight plant room space and intricate plant room layout, this project gave Floth the opportunity to use the readily-available BIM-MEPaus content to spatially prove the design.

Every fitting that was needed for the project was available from the BIM-MEPaus content and incorporated in Floth’s Revit and modelling workflow with ease. The architectural and structural Revit models also allowed for a very detailed coordination process, with all disciplines modelling in the same environment.

What resulted was a highly-detailed and coordinated plant room space, designed using content that can be scheduled, purchased and ultimately built in the real world.

About BIM-MEPaus Content

With continual advancement of software and technology in the AEC industries in Australia, there is now a high expectation to deliver engineering designs that work at all levels, from concept design through to construction and beyond.

The AMCA, A2K Technologies and leading industry practitioners have collaborated to form the BIM-MEPaus industry initiative. This initiative delivers standards, training, software templates, and model content developed with the whole supply chain in mind.  The result is accurate, virtual construction modelling leading the site construction to save on construction time, waste and labour.

At the end of the day, BIM is all about communicating the design intent clearly and avoiding potential design, coordination, construction and ultimately time and cost issues.

This is where BIM-MEPaus content is of importance. It is developed with the downstream users in mind, so content is provided to a constructable level of detail, containing service clearance zones and commissioning data.  The initiative is partnered with many product suppliers providing the industry with accurate, information rich BIM models of real products ready for use.

To find out more about BIM-MEPaus and how to use the content in your next project, contact A2K Technologies or visit http://www.thinkbimmepaus.com.au/

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