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The Captain. by Shanoc Halliday

A2K Technologies September 1, 2016 Technology 1 Comment on The Captain. by Shanoc Halliday

In my former roles, I sailed the data storms, sought to improve goods trades and sat amongst the crew talking of mutiny if management did sail this BIM ship towards LOD500 waters.  The curious thing is that it’s hard to know how other companies are faring.  Sure you can pull into port and have a quiet ale at a user group or a conference,  even the information online can be good.  But too often we hear the same story about the Old Man and the Sea, the triumphant catch, the flagship project.  When what I really want to know is what bait was used? Is there an established naming convention for the different lures? And when new crew come on board, how quick is the turnaround in productivity due to workflow standardization?

Join me as I sail around discovering great ideas for Clients to Product Sales.  Gain access to the conversation that the A2K Crew have about upcoming Technology and an insight into its worth.  With minimal tech talk, but instead, a day to day practical approach to taming Project Workflows, improving productivity and where to find gains in your ROI that I am sharing with my customers.
An insider’s view into BIM.

Blog topics include:Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

  • Upgrading from 2016 to 2017, mitigating problems and increasing the benefits for our clients.
  • Dynamo, will it be the next lisp routine, where only a select few will really know it?
  • The A2K Tech approach to reviewing Clients overheads and inefficiencies.
  • Revit Project Browsers organisation, what I have seen and what I recommend.
  • Breaking into Revit, path options, which are taken and which end up successful.
  • What is Infrastructure doing in preparation to BIM?
  • What can you do for a company that has fallen off the BIM wagon and is no longer competitive?
  • When BIM is too much, workflows and easy option solutions
  • Trends in BIM, the A2K Tech’s perspective of the Industry.
  • What are your goals? What should you learn? Where do you find it (No not just A2K)? and Why should you?
  • Paperless workflow solutions that Clients are adopting and finding a real return on investment.

You will find me docked here on the 15th of every month. Telling my tales of the journey and the treasures I find on my passage amongst the clients and the cloud, to inform you, my good folk, of the safe passage and where the coordinated models are to be found.


Fair winds and following seas,
Captain Bimcad

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    Looking forward to reading all The Captains posts!

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