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Facilities Management has gone Mobile

When it comes to asset and maintenance management, there’s an app for that. Now you fulfill all your facilities management needs from your smartphone.
At the the airport, from the taxi or for emergency problems before your interstate or overseas meeting.Building Ops | Facilities Asset Management Software | Autodesk
Autodesk Building Ops is a mobile-first asset and maintenance management solution that enables general contractors and building owners to realize the value of BIM in building operations. General contractors transform the handover process by connecting BIM asset data created during building design and construction to building operations. Owners begin operations on day one, with a mobile-first solution and the information they need.


Features include:

  • BIM-enabled asset data
    • Extend the BIM lifecycle to the building operations phase.
  • Accessibility, real-time data and efficient data management,
  • Modern design
    • Improve your building’s performance and operations with better insight.

BIM-enabled asset data, Extend the BIM lifecycle to the building operations phase:

  • Enable owners to begin operations on day one with a turnkey computerized maintenance management solution (CMMS),
  • Jumpstart asset maintenance by adding assets from Autodesk Revit® 2016, Autodesk BIM 360 Field, IoT solutions, and spreadsheets,
  • Assets records include document and model viewing, maintenance checklists, scheduling and maintenance history,
  • Support for ticket creation and management for reactive, preventive and predictive maintenance and
  • Better service warranty requests and help owners reduce expenses from unmaintained equipment.

Data where and when you need it, Give your mobile teams the tools to immediately access and update asset information:

  • Create and update tickets on your phone or tablet,
  • Attach photos and videos to tickets and assets,
  • Get an at-a-glance view of open and nearby tickets on your iPhone,
  • Receive notifications whenever a ticket is assigned or updated,
  • View tickets and assets based on proximity to your location and
  • Speed data entry and reveal what is relevant based on role, location, and context using proximity and machine learning techniques.

Modern design, Improve your building’s performance and operations with better insight:screen696x696

  • Easily schedule and track asset-based preventive maintenance (PM)
  • Drive standards-based maintenance work using mobile checklists
  • Improve communication with more detailed tickets that include photos and videos
  • Capture and document maintenance procedures with photos and videos
  • Provide actionable, role-based insight for buildings and building portfolios via the Portfolio and Building Dashboards
  • Configure reports for assets and tickets, view portfolio statistics and configure work orders
  • Experience the Internet of Things in action by connecting to wireless, self-powered sensors from Panoramic Power
  • Offer all users a user experience they enjoy

Learn how Building Ops can transform building handover
and improve asset and maintenance management below:

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