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BiLT ANZ 2017 Conference.

BiLT Adelaide 2017

BiLT ANZ 2017 was held in Adelaide

RTC Events hosted the first Australian BiLT Conference, Buildings Infrastructure Lifecycle, supported by Technology in Adelaide.  This is a progressive move from the traditional RTC Revit Technology Conference of the past 12 years.  I have attended several in that time and the wealth of information that I have gleaned, I have always found invaluable.  But like the Revit user groups that are dotted all over the Country, the evolved BrisBIM led the way with the exchange of knowledge to work at a broad BIM level and not specific to individual Software.  The writing was on the wall last year at the Hunter Valley’s RTC with an ArchiCAD stream. Although I have never opened the product, I welcome the new direction. Today, multiple Software packages are needed to complete many Workflows and Revit need not be the centre of them all.

General Overview.

Personally, I think that RTC Events put on a great show, but I am not one to critique to the nth degree, in fact, I am appreciative of the efforts that this team has made and where they have evolved over the 7 years that I have been attending.  The Venue was the Adelaide Conference Centre and it suited the calibre of the knowledge in the room. Being that, the general feeling was that this is where grand ideas happen and the Venue supported that notion. Being part of A2K and on the re-seller’s side of the fence, the Sponsors hall was well set-out, never squashed but not so spacious that it left everybody wondering where the real party was at.  The Session Rooms worked well, and I understand that there was a new IT set-up that ran more smoothly than years of past.  My only criticism is that after staying in the Hunter Valley last year, to be at a Conference where I needed to go up the road to a hotel was functional, but come on, it’s no Winery and Accommodation, Golf Course and Micro-Brewery. Ha-ha.


These are a few of my favourite things.

With many Sessions to choose from, you could be forgiven for thinking like a 16 year old at a Big Day Out Festival with too many options to choose from. But, RTC Events like to add which stream the Session focus is on in the AEC sphere and the level of BIM maturity or skill set that the Session caters for.

Modelling for Linear Infrastructure Using Autodesk Revit – Dale Harrison

Back to the Future BIM – Jon Mirtschin

The Power of Lookup Tables for MEP – Ryan Lenihan

BIM Today and Tomorrow – Sasha Crotty – It’s always good to hear what AuntieDesk has to say.

Beyond Coordinates, A Framework for Shared Model Establish – Brian Renehan

BIM for Construction: When Design Team’s Models are Completely Worthless – Aaron Maller

But don’t just take my word for it, here are some of the crowd choices.

Russel StrangeClash Detection and Mis-Direction by TBC
Good honest story, good to see similar approaches over the past four years and good to see we’ve come to the same conclusion.
Brett TaylorAustralia 108 session on Open Source BIM by Craig Baudin.
An excellent presentation highlighting what can be achieved using Digital Design and collaboration.
Ryan Lenihan – Reality Capturing with Drones by Chad Smith.
It’s something I’ve always been interested in and he made it look pretty easy.
Jon MirtschinIndustry disruption/transformation by Alain Waha.
Thought provoking, on how if we’re not prepared to transform, disruption might be inflicted on us.
Rebecca De CiccoEducating the Educators: A Government Agency BIM Pilot Project by Glenn Jowett.
An innovative educational experience filled with processes and technology all supporting the future of the built environment.
Nathan Hildebrandt
Industry Updates by Chris Penn.
It is important for people to have an understanding of their surroundings.
Shawnee Finlayson
Guerrilla Grasshopper: Infiltrating Conventional Practice with Parametric Design
byJaydn Bowe.
It was inspirational, exciting and great to have some extra tips for getting beginners started on parametric design tools.
Paul Hine
Key Note Speaker, The Missing Ingredient of Leadership by Dr Louise Mahler.
The physiology behind humanism and the art of influence.
Dale Harrison 
Going Beyond BIM into Digital Landscape by Alain Waha.
CEO of the Company talking about businesses moving into the digital landscape.
Matthew Wilkins
Virtual Construction Management by Caitlin Shields & Natalie Chaves.
To me, that is really valuable, because Construction and QS need to be working on the same digital page.
Nick Broadbent
294 Billion Window Types with 13 Families by Jo Banks. 
That was actually a typo, it’s 249 Trillion, 4yrs building up a library and he is giving it away, the Lab was just on how to use it.

Clearly, it was not an ego boosting exercise I when asked attendees to describe their favourite Captain Bimcad blog, as I was met with blank stares and puzzled looks. I will have to work on my notoriety and Ryan Lenihan’s BIM Celebrity profile status.  Ha-Ha.

Here is a list to the Conference Calendar.

Why should YOU become a speaker?

If you want to be good at something, then present it to your peers. I believe Chris Needham said that it takes about 20hrs to complete a 50min Presentation for BiLT.  But that is everything from the infancy of the idea to small corrections the evening before. And you don’t need to be a Guru, BIM Nerd or whatever, just enthusiastic about a story that is a part of your BIM journey.  There is a kaleidoscope of BIM maturity at these types of gigs, ensuring there is always an audience that will appreciate your session.  Ultimately any user group community is founded on the general population getting involved. Yes there are BIM Celebrities, but they don’t make up the majority of the presentations, so be part of it! 

Wrapping it up.

The name change is a clear indicator that this is a new direction, so I look forward to watching the expansion of BiLT’s BIM coverage.  This should mean that we will see more Facility Management, Nathan Lyon’s presentation in 2015 was great, more Builders as they transition to BIM and hopefully a better gender balance. At a guess, I think there was only 10% attendance by women this year.  Show Cases are good when they don’t talk about the glory, but are great when the issues and outright mistakes are spoken about and not necessarily how they overcame them, like Aaron Maller’s Session this year. I got the feeling from speaking to a few people at BiLT that it needs a few more, high end, OMFG that was BIMtastic, I feel like a pleb after that session, presentations, that captivate the long-time users and challenge the status-quo, not that I am asking for much.  The very last thing I will say is that these types are only as good as you put in, I talk to lots of people, I ask questions, and I have always felt inspired after every event.

Thank you to the RTC Events team for another great Conference and all the people that have contributed to the blog with their comments.

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