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3D Printing: Mother sees her unborn baby for the first time


Seeing an ultrasound of her unborn baby for the first time is a milestone that an expectant mother will never forget.

A little preview of the bundle of joy that she will soon get to hold in her arms. But for a blind mother, the ultrasound only tells her that her baby is healthy and then she has to wait until birth to know what her baby looks like.

But with the fast paced progression of 3D technology, vision-impaired mums can now see their babies too.Doctors and practices can now use a 3D printer to create a life sized image of an infants face so parents can feel what their little one looks like.

The joy on this first-time mother’s face as she touches her baby’s “face” for the first time is absolutely heartwarming.

mumma and baby

Photo Credit: Paul Caridad

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