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White Paper – Photo Reality Capture for Preliminary Infrastructure Design

In this white paper, we explore the practical applications of photogrammetry and ReCap 360, with a specific example of a preliminary reconstruction design that involved placing a roundabout into an existing five-way intersection.

The principles and theory of creating 3D geometry from 2D photos is well established, and modern cloud computing makes the process realistic in terms of time and resources required to achieve a working model. This leads to critical discussion on the practical application of this technology into existing workflows for professional design.

We understand that design software has matured to incorporate point clouds, so approaches that once would have been impractical are now very feasible. The functionality can be used in a variety of workflows to add a new dimension of rich data to existing processes. This involves evaluating which scenarios/projects are potentially relevant, and establishing which groups and areas within the design workflows will benefit from the enhanced models.

We consider the differences of two 3D modelling applications; Autodesk’s 123D Catch, and ReCap 360, and discuss why these will be a growing part of the direction of infrastructure planning.

Read how point clouds are created using these applications, as we conduct experiments to test the capabilities of the latest 3D modelling software, and the ability to upload to the cloud for rendering.

As illustrated by the popularity of 123D Catch, the next generation of designers will approach design challenges with thought processes based on these concepts, so existing workflows and practices need to evolve. The reality is that the options and examples discussed in this paper are available today, and can be readily applied to current projects.

Click here to download the white paper.

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