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VR for Revit Workflows

A2K Technologies November 21, 2016 A2K News No Comments on VR for Revit Workflows

Have you viewed your Revit Workflows through the lenses of Virtual Reality yet?

From Google to Microsoft Virtual Reality is taking tech, productivity and project building/viewing to the next level.

Now you can view and edit workflows in your reality  with easy to use hand gestures in real-time and watch your CAD scenes change before your eyes.

A number of modern rendering tools allow you to generate 3D stereo panoramas. The trick is that you’re essentially generating two panoramic images – typically cube or spherical maps – and using one for each eye. But as your head rotates around, the two “cameras” need to rotate, too.

The A360 rendering team has created a mechanism that allows you to generate stereo renders directly from within 3ds Max or Revit as well as via uploaded AutoCAD or Fusion 360 models. It’s really easy to do, and you can find a bunch of stereo renders inside the online gallery:


To view one of these panoramas on a mobile device, open up a project that shows the little VR goggles icon, and then look for a rendering in the project that shows it, too. When you select it, you should see a dialog such as this:


You can copy and paste the link or use the QR code to view the stereo panorama using Google Cardboard on your phone. Very cool, very easy. Oh, and a cloud rendering API is coming soon as part of the Forge platform, too. I’ll be reporting more on that in due course.

Pre-rendering has a number of advantages, today, in that you can quickly generate decent VR-like visualizations without having to prepare a scene completely for navigation or worrying about the specific capabilities of the target device (such as whether it can run a game engine runtime). It has its limitations, of course: you can’t move around the scene, for instance, but it can nonetheless be a powerful visualization tool.

Autodesk goes Live on Twitter with their preview of Revit workflows in VR:

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