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Optimise your travel times

A2K Technologies December 19, 2016 A2K News, Industry No Comments on Optimise your travel times

Austroads has published the Congestion and Reliability Review which measures levels and identifies key causes of congestion across major cities in Australia and New Zealand (ANZ).
Check it out, it might be the key to further optimising your travel times.

The study found that ANZ cities perform in line with international comparators on the three key measures of average speed, travel time delay and reliability.

The findings are based on an analysis of Google Maps data for 600km of roads for each major Australian city, enabling analysis of travel time along different road segments. The analysis was based on two months of data, comprising of 1km long road segments, with data points taken every 15 minutes, to calculate the six key congestion measures outlined in the report. An econometric analysis was then undertaken to provide insight into the drivers of network performance.

This new approach has provided some ground-breaking insights into congestion performance and causes for Australian and New Zealand cities. Let’s hope that means a faster route to work and less time spent making up excuses while stuck in peak hour traffic.

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