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Manufacturing Geopolymer Concrete Bridge

Austroads has published a review of information on the formulation, manufacture, and properties of geopolymer binders and concretes.

The report will inform the manufacture of geopolymer concrete components for structural and non-structural bridge components and other road‑related infrastructure.

Geopolymers are a broad class of synthetic aluminosilicate materials, made from a variety of raw materials. They have the potential to replace Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) in the production of structural and non-structural concretes and for advanced composites.

Geopolymer concretes have become more prominent in recent years due to the perception that they are more environmentally friendly and that they have potentially advantageous engineering properties and commercial attributes in comparison with conventional concretes made with OPC.

Until these claimed advantages are proven to the satisfaction of the concrete industry, this new technology will not gain general acceptance.

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