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Great New Site Scan Features

As a result of your feedback over the past few months, 3DR has introduced some great new features that will make data collection with Site Scan even easier.

Capturing oblique imagery with Site Scan Field

3dr newf1

It is possible to capture both nadir and oblique imagery autonomously using Site Scan Field. Nadir imagery is excellent for relatively flat terrain, but oblique imagery is required to generate accurate point clouds of structures and steeper terrain.

To capture oblique imagery, tap the gear icon and open “Camera Settings”. Within this menu, it is possible to manually control the angle the gimbal will hold throughout a survey. 45 degrees captures stunning oblique images like the sample below.
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Multi-battery surveys

3drnewf2Site Scan will break up a large area in multiple flights and automatically return to home for battery replacement when the battery is depleted.
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Further features include:
• Use ESRI basemaps, including a topographic map, to plan your surveys.
• Manually control overlap and sidelap in “Advanced Survey Settings”.
• Fly as low as 100 feet and increase your ground sampling distance to .25 inch/pixel. Learn more >>
• Coming soon: Take point, linear and area measurements in basemaps and orthos in Site Scan Manager.

Site Scan Field app update is now available through the AppStore. Expect to be prompted to update the app over the AppStore in the next days. Updates to Site Scan Manager will happen automatically in the next two weeks.
Don’t hesitate to reach out to A2K with any questions on the new features or find out how Drone technology can help you achieve a competitive edge in the market place.

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