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Captains Log – Ansvar – Drones, PointClouds, Revit & Data. by Shanoc Halliday

BIM is creatively finding its way into more areas than I would have imagined.Ansvar_Insurance

I was involved in the training of a Company that plan to capitalise on a wide range of BIM workflows, where frankly, I don’t know if any other company in their field of work have done before. Ansvar is a specialist insurance company that among other specific segments, specialise in providing insurance protection for heritage buildings.  How they plan to ensure that their Re-Construction costs are accurate, is by pushing BIM harder and showing many others what good BIM workflows can actually do.


Their workflow to incorporate BIM into a Heritage building is:

  •  Using a 1.2m diameter Drone with a 42.2MP Camera to capture the Photogrammetry of the building
  •  Converting the Photogrammetry into Point Cloud Data in Recap.
  • Importing the Point Cloud into Revit to ensure accurate Co-ordination.
  •  Modelling a Data-rich accurate model within Revit to capture all the Re-Construction materials.
  • Exporting the Revit Data via Ideate BIMLink, into Excel and integrate into their current Costing Systems.

If the Heritage building were to be in a state of disrepair, Ansvar would have:

  • Accurate Photogrammetry for visual assurance of the works required.
  • Accurate Point Cloud Data for Digital co-ordination of the works required
  • Accurate Client Brief from Revit Drawings of the works required.
  • Accurate Costings in Excel of the works required.


More BIM fewer Drawings.

Interestingly enough, part of the discussions that I had with them was that they had to be careful with their Drawings not being perceived as Construction Drawings. Many of their views would be in 3D and the information derived from a Point Cloud, so in fact, they are looking into the visual representation of Sketchy Lines to dumb down their drawings. The Building Construction Drawings will remain the Architect’s and Engineer’s responsibilities.

Is this an indicator of where BIM is heading?

Is this another indicator that Drawings are slowly becoming less important than the Data?
Is there a shift in how we understand Construction?
Data has always been around, generally derived from Drawings; it could be the time that the Building Industry capitalises on the Data that now makes the drawings.

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