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Pro Tip: Prevent 3D Printed Models Sticking to the Plate

3D Printing Tips

Do you have issues with your 3D printed model sticking to the plate?

This can happen with either PLA or ABS printed models, especially if the model has cooled after a long print job and you aren’t using Blue or Kapton Tape.

If your 3D Printer has a heated build plate such as the Ultimaker,  there is a simple solution.

Manually heat the build plate to 80 degrees* for PLA and 105 degrees* for ABS, and the model should be easier to remove. Ideally use a thin blade to pass under the model to assist this process.

* These temperatures may be variable with different types of filament and you should experiment with your particular brand.

Jason Hampton-Taylor,
Business Development Manager | 3D Printing Specialist, A2K Technologies

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