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Porsche’s Concept Study with Autodesk: Mission E

The idea.

The Porsche of tomorrow?
A sports car, naturally.

What does Porsche think of when they look to tomorrow? Sports cars, naturally.

Their Mission Future Sports Car.
They also look for sustainable mobility, and consider trends for digitization and urbanization.
Because in the future their sports cars will tackle these routes too – in pole position – bringing new technologies from the race track to the road.

With Concept Study Mission E (CSME),  Porsche has taken the next step towards the future. With an all-electric sports car that defines the forward-thinking vision of e-mobility. The time is ripe for this study. It shows that, in addition to plug-in hybrids, all-electric drive systems can truly meet Porsche’s standards of intelligent performance.
This declaration is distilled into one clear philosophy: Porsche E-Performance.

CSME is still just an idea but it embodies their complete vision of all-electric driving.

  • Four individual seats
  • Four doors
  • Two luggage compartments
  • Electric drive
  • E-Performance
  • Porsche style

Integrated in a harmonious overall concept. CSME sets the stage for tomorrow. With its design and its technology, it provides answers to the question of the sports car of the future.

Get to know Concept Study Mission E

Exterior mirrors. Without mirrors.

The virtual exterior mirrors are eye-catchers in the truest sense of the word: images from these cameras are reflected in the lower windshield corners. In this way the driver has a better view of the images as well as the surrounding area. Additionally, augmented safety information can be actively displayed here.

The experimental and entirely driver-oriented interface of Concept Study Mission E points the way to the future, with intelligent interaction between the real and virtual worlds. Intuitive, fast, distraction-free – undeniably sports car.

The round instruments.

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 12.33.59 PM

The filigree driver’s display is curved, inclined, detached and freely programmable. Its cluster features five round instruments – distinctively Porsche, yet virtually displayed in OLED technology. They are assigned to the driver-relevant function categories Porsche Connect, Performance, Drive, Energy and Sport Chrono.


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