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New BIMyear Resolutions by Shanoc Halliday

With the New Year, so too comes a whole swag of resolutions, from the life-changing, empowering to the just outright ridiculous. Resolutions enable us to clean the slate or simply improve our daily lives.  My challenge to you, my fellow BIM enthusiast, is to create several resolutions to improve your BIM maturity.

To encourage you even further I have created a few suggestions and categorised them depending on your level of BIM development.
Pick and choose or use them all, the point is challenge your BIMself in 2017.



  • Reduce the amount of Revit Dumb Lines used in your drawing views.
  • Research Add-Ins that can streamline processes in your projects.
  • Use Data not Dumb Text.
  • Incorporate Filters into your Views for Revit.
  • Find out about Dynamo, start using it for simple tasks.


  • Start learning Dynamo, incorporate it into your everyday processed, Daily Dynamo.
  • Model for Change, i.e. Model Grid>Wall>Floor/Roof>Soffit, then move the grid and move all.
  • Incorporate Conditional Formatting into your Excel and or Revit Schedules.
  • Stop using the OOTB (out of the box) Revit Project Browser.
  • Learn Clash Detection software and don’t just clash report everything against everything.
  • Set up Views in Revit for QA, MEP or 3D colour views for Fire Rating, 3HR, 2HR, 1HR, None.


  • Become a Dynamo Expert too, incorporate it into your everyday processed, Daily Dynamo.
  • Develop smart BIM workflows, or develop more, create a list.
  • Model Analytically correct for Engineering Software.
  • Create QA schedules for internal model review, i.e. qty of steel, MEP flow rates.
  • Use QA Views to detect bad Data in you (your teams) projects.
  • Investigate A360 Workflows.

Departing words:

BIM should not be considered a Model that has Views, and you can extract Data.  Instead it is a Data Base that can be displayed in many forms, from Drawing Views on Sheets, Schedules, Models, Renders, Virtual Reality or Data Sheets and so on.
If you take on this view of BIM, then you will be in a better position to develop your BIM maturity and become the Expert that you can be.

All the best for 2017.

Captain BIMCAD-01

Fair winds and following seas,
Captain Bimcad.

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