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Heal your bones with 3D printing

Marty McFly might have been on to something with his pizza!

Over the weekend our Digital Marketing Executive attended QUT’s Robotronica.

Aside from seeing virtual reality goggles, flying droids, fishbowls on wheels (yes! that happened) and motion and voice interactive human-like robots, she saw the beginning of a printable hospital.
The future.
Imagine a world where you rush down to the ER after breaking your arm. You’re swiftly brought into a room where a machine scans your arm and out prints a replacement bone. You’re in surgery the same day and come out with a synthetic bone filler. Which will over time, dissolve as your bone heals and grows into it.

Queensland University of Technology's Dr Mia Woodruff wants to see 3D printers assisting surgeons in operating theatres in the future.
This will not only reduce pain, speed up recovery time, but help strengthen your bone in the long run.

A machine printing parts of fractured skulls, collapsed cheekbones and even breast implants for cancer survivors. The future is fast approaching and yesterday QUT showed us just how close we are.


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