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Fast, Accurate Submissions with blackbox22


“blackbox22 has streamlined a process and brought a commercial focus to ADAC XML generator tools.”

Geoff Bartholomew, Principal of Lion Systems, understands the frustration of manually processing as-built submissions: “Some poor person sitting at a desk for days on end pores over plans to collect and record all relevant information.”

Today, thanks to XML technology, the processing of as-built submissions can be reduced from days to minutes.

Lion Systems is a specialised provider of asset management consulting support to councils, water utilities and other asset-centric organisations. Lion helps clients with the transmission, checking and uploading of as-constructed asset data as XML files, and also works with councils to ensure they can use these data files to the maximum benefit.

One of the key tools Lion uses to do this is blackbox22, provided by A2K Technologies. It’s what Geoff describes as an “XML generator”: software that turns asset information and survey information into an XML file that meets a council’s exact specifications. This makes it easier and quicker to comply with council requirements, saving extensive time and hassle.

Collaborating on Perfection

But it has been a long journey to get the technology to where it needs to be. When digital tools first became available, they were developed by councils.

The problem was that councils are not commercial software developers and not in a position to sustain investment in the necessary tools.

While the councils established the initial process, the technologies needed to be commercialised once this process had matured.

A Productive Partnership

Lion Systems and A2K Technologies continue to enjoy a productive and constructive partnership. The collaboration between Lion System’s technical staff and the blackbox22 developers have resulted in a high-quality, effective product that has slashed the amount of time it used to create ADAC XML as-built files.

Lion Systems uses blackbox22 on a weekly basis. It communicates regularly with A2K’s coders about any issues, as well as providing suggestions on practical improvements.

It makes sense for Lion Systems to work with a company like A2K that is working hand-in-glove with Autodesk, right at the coalface, and can immediately upgrade and update software as needed.

About blackbox22

blackbox22 is A2K Technologies’ own  comprehensive software, developed to automate and speed up the as-built process. It is intuitive and easy to use, with features that simplify and standardise the creation of as-built data.

Designed to assist with efficiency and effectiveness when working with processes for local government authorities, utility companies, and other as-built receiving organisations, blackbox22 allows users to easily comply with their as-built information requirements by using pre-configured templates.

Providing quality control and certainty of design, blackbox22 uses error checking to immediately notify the user when data does not comply with the receiving organisation’s requirements. The software flags errors and allows these to be rectified or an explanation to be provided with the submission.

blackbox22 can be used as a complete system, to continuously improve the efficiencies for all  parties, by reducing errors, complexities and lost time. It delivers a quick return on investment.

About Lion Systems

Launched in October 2012, LION SYSTEMS is a specialised provider of asset management consulting support to Councils, Water Utilities and other asset-centric organisations.  The business has a practical advantage over other providers in this field with key staff able to offer both expert corporate asset management consulting support as well as assisting the client directly with a broad range of asset data, GIS and asset information systems requirements.

With combined experience of more than 50 years in the management of both private and community assets, the team has established extensive networks with numerous organisations, related businesses and other consulting professionals covering public policy and finance, surveying and engineering, civil design, environmental management, hydrology, change management and business performance measurement.

Visit: www.lionsystems.com.au


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About The Author

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  1. Mark April 17, 2015 at 10:03 AM

    May need to understand what as built ADAC XML actually is, to really understand what blackbox 22 is.
    Will look into this further.

    • A2K Technologies April 20, 2015 at 11:51 AM

      Hi Mark, good question!
      ADAC stands for ‘Asset Design and As Constructed’, and is envisioned as becoming the industry standard to describe asset design and constructed data across private and public asset classes.
      The ADAC standard originated was created through collaboration between local governments across South East Queensland and other Australian states. ADAC is now endorsed and used by local and state governments, utilities and industry bodies across Australasia.
      The XML component essentially provides a common language for describing ADAC data. blackbox22 streamlines the whole process for both parties, by allowing for faster submissions that comply with the receiving organisation’s requirements.

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