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Bluebeam Revu is more than just a PDF Writer: Part 2

Bluebeam Revu Sets. I wish that I was using this when I was a CAD Manager! That’s not to say that I didn’t have this tool available, I just didn’t know how to use it. I could have resolved many issues and eliminated wasted hours.  I am referring to Bluebeam Revu’s ability [...]

September 20, 2017 Captain Bimcad Captain Bimcad, Tips and Tricks 0

Auditing your CAD file – Part 1 – The Drawing Set.

I do appreciate a good QA system.  As a young Draftsman printing up my drawing set, giving it to the Senior Draftsperson to review using an A4 QA checklist that I had previously gone through, then sitting down together after a review process and go through my strong and weak [...]

August 31, 2017 Captain Bimcad Captain Bimcad, Tips and Tricks 0

Autodesk’s Revit, little button of Evil.

Getting straight down to the nitty gritty. This post will be short and straight to the point. That button in the bottom right-hand corner of Revit called Drag Elements on Selection, is pure evil! Okay, post done! Hold on, what is the Captain talking about? I think I had better [...]

July 17, 2017 Captain Bimcad Captain Bimcad, Tips and Tricks 0

Revit Structural Connections are not ready for production.

click here buy it When I speak to clients switching from 2D CAD software to Revit, or Clients that want to improve their productivity with smarter Revit Families, I discuss the Revit OOTB Families functionality and if they are suited for the Client’s needs.  Typically, the OOTB content is very [...]

February 24, 2017 Captain Bimcad Captain Bimcad, Tips and Tricks 0

Traffic Lights for Revit Graphic Options. by Shanoc Halliday

I find it interesting when people just stick to OOTB Revit for even the most simplest of things.  I have discussed Project Browsers before, which could have been a little complex, so this blog will suit all levels of users. Let’s cut to the chase, OOTB Revit Options Graphics Colour [...]

January 13, 2017 A2K Technologies Captain Bimcad, Tips and Tricks 1

New BIMyear Resolutions by Shanoc Halliday

With the New Year, so too comes a whole swag of resolutions, from the life-changing, empowering to the just outright ridiculous. Resolutions enable us to clean the slate or simply improve our daily lives.  My challenge to you, my fellow BIM enthusiast, is to create several resolutions to improve your [...]

January 1, 2017 A2K Technologies Captain Bimcad, Tips and Tricks 0

Joining the Nodes in your BIM career with Dynamo. by Shanoc Halliday

Remember when Lisp Routines were the in thing? I remember whenever somebody new started at the Company, I would ask “Are you good with AutoCAD? Can you make a Lisp Routine?” Most of the time the response was a sketchy “Yeah, well I can edit them”. So my concern is, is [...]

December 21, 2016 A2K Technologies Captain Bimcad, Tips and Tricks 0

How to get Revit’s Places to go where you want. by Shanoc Halliday

Back in the day when I used AutoCAD, any project that I was working on would be set up with little folders in the Open Dialog Box “Places”. Oh, the joy as I knew what was where and that I could get into my project at the click of a [...]

November 21, 2016 A2K Technologies Captain Bimcad, Tips and Tricks 0

Bluebeam Revu Update

Hey Bluebeam Revu Users, have you heard about the New Update? It’s 98% smaller than the full installer, which means it is now faster to update your software! For users that have Revu 2016.5.1, Bluebeam has released a 40 MB update file that allows customers to update to the new [...]

October 10, 2016 A2K Technologies A2K News, Technology, Tips and Tricks 0

Captain Bimcad – Revit 2017 Text Upgrade Workflows by Shanoc Halliday

As a long term Revit user, I welcomed in the 2017 new text editor, I mean how great is that?  My inner OCD child was ecstatic at the new workflows that would ensure consistency in the documentation for clients. Bringing to mind a vague memory of AU RTC 2015, where [...]

September 16, 2016 A2K Technologies Technology, Tips and Tricks 2