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Digital Mapping will change land and and rock surveying

At the beginning of major mining or civil engineering projects, one of the more manual, technically challenging and hazardous tasks involves rock and land surveying. The process of inspecting rock faces, for example, is a manual one through which geologists measure the failure planes and joints on the rock face [...]

November 1, 2018 A2K Technologies A2K News, Industry, Technology, Tips and Tricks 0

Opportunities in contract work for Engineers

For engineers, contract work is growing as an area of opportunity. Perceptions about permanent employment and security are often overestimated. Contract and temporary roles enable engineers to add immediate value to their CVs through displaying quantifiable achievements in their roles. Contract work offers advantages, contractors can work on varied projects [...]

October 30, 2018 A2K Technologies A2K News, Industry, Technology 0

Behind the scenes at A2K – Matthew Sheales

A2K’s Matthew Sheales, National Consulting MEP and Content Solutions Manager, was recently featured in the Design Content Magazine to talk all things content. Matthew has been working for A2K Technologies for 16 and a half years and 12 of those has been with our design and manufacturers content. He is [...]

October 16, 2018 A2K Technologies A2K News, Industry, Technology 0

A2K Technologies Customer Case Study – Eden Office

Eden office | A design partner, not just a designer of chairs Marcus Win, head of strategy and innovation for Eden Office, has been working with A2K Technologies on transforming his products from the 2D realm to 3D models.He said “Revit modelling has enabled us to let our partners use [...]

October 15, 2018 A2K Technologies A2K News, Industry, Technology 0

Generic Content: Flexible, structured, supported & efficient

For BIM projects content is king. There are many different places you can go to get manufacturer specific content which is great when we know what manufacturer we are going to use. Often we just want to use something generic. Find out how A2K’s ContentLounge can help: [...]

October 10, 2018 A2K Technologies A2K News, Industry, Technology 0

Free Technical Content Portal by Steel & Tube

Steel & Tube is a strong supporter of all New Zealand BIM initiatives and are excited to announce the launch of BIM-spec® This free to use technical content portal provides access to a large library of 2D and 3D CAD content and Building Information Modelling objects (BIM) across a wide [...]

October 5, 2018 A2K Technologies A2K News, Industry, Technology 0

Bluebeam Revu Xcon 2018

 Xcon 2018 Austin, Texas. The annual Bluebeam Conference re-branded Xcon was held in Austin Texas. My intentions of going were to see how the American’s are doing things. Seeing that the maturity of Bluebeam users and industry in general in the USA is greater than how we are using the [...]

October 1, 2018 Captain Bimcad Captain Bimcad, Technology 0

A2K Technologies and RIB Group come together to transform the Australian building and construction industry

Supporting RIB Group’s announcement on 26 September 2018 (link below) of the MTWO MSP (Managed Service Provider) partnership and investment agreement with A2K Technologies and PhoenxPLM – there is no doubt this dynamic partnership is set to transform the Australian and New Zealand building and construction industry. Paul Laycock, CEO [...]

September 28, 2018 A2K Technologies A2K News, Technology 0

Ideate Explorer + Ideate Query and its Value to All Revit Users

Watch this short video to learn more about how Ideate Explorer and Ideate Query are used daily to look at Revit model data at a granular level. Without a powerful search, find, and filter tool like Ideate Query, you are guaranteed to spend hours each week looking for specific information [...]

September 10, 2018 A2K Technologies A2K News, Industry, Technology 0

Ideate Explorer + Ideate Warnings Manager and its Value to All Revit Users

Watch this three minute video to experience the value and return on investment for Ideate Explorer with Warnings Manager. Ideate Explorer supports many model exploration and auditing workflows when working on a Revit Building model. These workflows are supported in part by Ideate Query and the Ideate Warnings Manager, which [...]

September 9, 2018 A2K Technologies A2K News, Industry, Technology 0