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Boost teamwork and creative spontaneity with Microsoft Surface Hub

SHoP Architects turns to Microsoft Surface Hub to increase virtual collaboration and to close the gap between inspiration and final design.

SHoP Architects has always used technology to make the practice and process of architecture more creative and more efficient. By using Microsoft Surface Hub team collaboration devices, the firm will be able to shrink the gap between inspiration and execution, bring more people into the creative process, and use natural, intuitive pen and touch functionality to draw, annotate and explore the 3-D models that are the foundation of its design process.

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SHoP Architects, the firm behind the award-winning Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York, was founded in 1996 on the premise that there was a better way to design buildings—and it hasn’t stopped innovating since. Technology, especially three-dimensional (3-D) digital modelling, is foundational to the firm’s phentermine weight loss creative, collaborative and highly efficient work process. “We use 3-D modelling to organise systems and coordinate trades in a way that has more in common with the aerospace industry than with traditional architecture,” says John Cerone, Associate Principal, Director of Virtual Design and Construction at SHoP Architects.

While the firm’s process is significantly more efficient than traditional practices, its architects constantly look for ways to close the gap between inspiration and final design. “Typically, we’re navigating a model on a screen and sketching and taking notes on the whiteboard right next to it,” says Cerone. “We take screen shots and write on them, but what we really want to do is just write on the screen and have it captured in the model.”

That would enable greater spontaneity and creative exploration, he adds. “You’re more likely to experiment with ideas if you know you won’t have to scan and trace every single drawing. What’s important is not the time as much as the energy that gets lost from the original sketch.” Most of the software that the firm uses is controlled with a mouse, which Cerone notes is not a natural way for most people to work in a drawing-centric field. “Pen-to-screen or hand-to-screen is the most intuitive interface,” he says.

Virtual collaboration is another area in which the firm is always looking to advance. “Our screens are portals into a 3-D digital environment,” says Cerone. “Web meetings and screen-sharing sessions are invaluable, and each of our teams has several every day.” However, the firm lacked a way for participants to interact with on-screen content simultaneously.

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