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Bluebeam Revu is more than just a PDF Writer: Part 3

Issuing Drawings with the correct Naming Conventions.

I have worked on some fairly major Projects over the years with several hundred drawing sheets to somewhere up to 5 to 6 hundred, I think that I am still trying to block it out! At Company A we didn’t have any tool that would automagically rename the awfully, unnecessary long file name for PDF creation that Revit creates. Renaming PDF files must be the BIM Gods way of punishing us. At Company B we had an Add-In to Revit called Xrev, it is simple to use and did the task well, some of our Clients believe Rtv is a better product with its SQL server ability and other automated options and there is more out there to consider.  But what about the Companies that can’t afford this additional expense of these Add-Ins? But they have Bluebeam Revu! Well…….

Labelling PDF files with the correct file name in Bluebeam.

When it is time to issue your Revit project and you just gotta get them revisions right.

  1. Print all your drawings sheets to one file and wait for it to open up in Bluebeam.
  2. Open the Create Page Labels dialogue box.
  3. Choose Page Region, Tip is to make the selection area bigger than the text/numbers will ever exceed.
    1. Select the 1st, 2nd & 3rd region.
    2. Use dashes (-), underscores (_) and or (round brackets) as required.
    3. [square brackets] are not allowed, they are part of the programming. But you could use Bulk ReNamer Utility for post editing.



  1. In the Page Range, select all Pages from the drop-down menu.
  2. The hit OK.
  3. Now back in the Thumbnails area and Right Click anywhere to open up the Thumbnails Options Dialogue box.
  4. Select Extract Pages.
  5. Use the Drop Down option to pick All Pages.
  6. Choose from the Tick Box make sure you select:
    1. Extract Pages as Separate Files
    2. Use Page Label to Name Files
  7. Save to you Date Issued folder or equivalent.

How good is that?

Thanks to Aaron Courdy for this helpful tip and the beer we drank while discussing it.

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