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Bluebeam Revu is more than just a PDF Writer: Part 2

Bluebeam Revu Sets.

I wish that I was using this when I was a CAD Manager! That’s not to say that I didn’t have this tool available, I just didn’t know how to use it. I could have resolved many issues and eliminated wasted hours.  I am referring to Bluebeam Revu’s ability to organise all the drawings for a Project, by showing the most current Revisions and the ability to access the Superseded Revisions easily.  It will even stamp all the Superseded Revisions, Hyperlink any cross-references, like drawing numbers from Sections to Details. And, all without reconfiguring your Company’s Windows Explorer file structure

Creating Sets.

Click on the Sets Icon and then follow the dialogue boxes.  With Sets, you will no longer need a “Current Set of PDF’s folder” saved on the server or hard copy for that matter.  I still have nightmares of marking up and drafting A0 size drawings…. If you want to go paperless or just step into the 21st Century, Revu has resolved this by saving the Sets as a .bex file, Revu’s Container file as such. Besides, I know that the hanger set is always a mess and often out of date!

I was showing one of our Clients the benefits of Bluebeam’s Sets when I was told “But we have Aconex.” And this is a common point. So much so, that I normally bring it up first.  Because I see these two software working hand in hand.  I like that Aconex is a point of reference, but it’s Bluebeam’s Revu’s Mark-ups and Workflows that I feel are taking the next step. Imagine it as an evolutionary replacement for Printed Drawings, Red Line Mark-ups and Butter Papers.  What Revu does is simple, it copies the information from one revision to the next, then adds a Stamp to the Superseded PDF(s).

To take this idea further, the Superseded Stamp could include the Date & User Name for a compressive document management system.

Creating Hyperlinks in your Set.

Throughout my working career, I have worked on two projects that span over 3 years.  Each contained over a thousand Drawing Sheets and Specification Docs.  Navigation within the PDF’s was always a bit of a nightmare, I always had a Cover Sheet with the Drawing Index handy on my Desktop.  But still, it was tedious to open and close drawings in order to find Sections and Details.  Bluebeam Batch Hyperlinks fixes this by effectively setting up your PDF like any Web page that you currently use, allowing you to navigate from page to page in one continuous Workflow.

Batch Links is only available in the Extreme version

Overlay Documents in a Set.

I wrote about Compare and Overlay Documents a little while ago, now look at what you can do in Sets.

Run a Work In Progress (WIP) set of PDF Drawings every Friday night before you leave the office and update the WIP .bex Sets every Monday for the most current version of “live drawings” created from Revit.  If issued drawings are Marked-up that are days or even weeks older than the current modified Revit unissued Drawing Sheets, this can be confusing for the Project Team to know what is most accurate/current.  By marking up the WIP set, the Project Team will have a more accurate indication of where the Project “really” is in BIMland. Furthermore, the Issued vs WIP drawings can be compared in???  That’s right; you get a prize! Overlay Documents!


The Captain’s final comments.

With any product that you are considering to purchase, the main question is the ROI.  And being that Revu can hold Marked-up information from one Revision to another and keep account of why it was made and by who, it makes it an easy winner.  In my experience, had I used this Software properly while I was still a Drafting Manager, I could have saved a significant amount of time by using Sets and having one place for the latest drawings and the transferring of important information, from one revision to the next. Communication internally could have been consistent and simpler, understanding change could have been easier to track and ultimately, with Revu’s efficiencies, provided a better project. At the very least, we could have left work on time more often!

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