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AU2014: Watch On-demand Sessions and Video Highlights

Missed some of the sessions or official classes at Autodesk University 2014?  You can catch up on all the viewing highlights in the one place here, including exclusive videos from A2K Technologies.

A2K Exclusive Videos

Autodesk A360 & VR at AU2014

Virtual Reality (VR) technology is evolving. Autodesk takes the Google Cardboard concept and integrates it into their A360 Rendering service.

MIT Kendal Square using Lego

See how the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is using Lego in this conceptual approach for urban planning.

Owl Digital Viewfinder by Owlized

The Owl Digital Viewfinder by Owlized provides an interactive way for designers and planners to interact with the community.

An overview of the new Autodesk A360 at AU2014

We joined Brendan Hickey, who is the Senior Product Manager for the Cloud Platforms Group at Autodesk, for an intimate presentation of the next evolution of Autodesk A360 Team.


Autodesk Session Highlights

Opening Keynote Address (7239) | Autodesk CEO Carl Bass and CTO Jeff Kowalski


Join Autodesk CEO Carl Bass and CTO Jeff Kowalski as they present the trends and forces shaping the future of making things.

Carl will talk about new ways to communicate and even collaborate with our computers, which are blurring the lines between the digital and physical worlds. Jeff will explore how we’re bringing life to design through robust design taxonomies, generative design, and our emerging power to create things that can sense, respond, and collaborate.


Extreme Reality Computing from a Hexacopter (RC6731)


Scene re-creation with the help of an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) has many applications that range from disaster recovery to infrastructure concept design.

Creating these scenes with the help of a UAV is becoming more common as the flying camera UAV craze explodes worldwide. Join Autodesk, Inc.’s, Field Innovation Team members as we discuss some ins and outs of generating precise scenes with the help of a UAV. This session will cover camera equipment and UAVs, and we’ll also discuss building custom UAVs, taking pictures from a UAV, processing pictures with Photo on ReCap software, breaking larger scenes up into smaller samples, and combining the results into AutoCAD Civil 3D software or InfraWorks software.


Innovation Forum: The Future of How Products Are Made: No Product Is an Island (MD6201)


From traditionally complex and large systems; such as spaceships, airplanes, and cars; to everyday products connected to the Internet of Things; such as wearable fitness devices, home appliances, and car infotainment systems; the products we make are becoming increasingly complex, multi-disciplinary, and interconnected.

This requires a shift in our approach to design: from defining digital 3D models of assemblies and parts to defining entire systems; from analyzing components in isolation to analyzing whole systems; from delivering a product that satisfies the technical requirements to delivering an operational capability that satisfies a business problem.


Innovation Forum: Mindset: Tools to Anticipate, Plan for, and Create the Future (AC6207)


It’s clear that we’re living a world that’s volatile, uncertain, chaotic, and ambiguous. And within every industry, we’re seeing dizzying examples of new ways to make things. But what’s less clear is how organizations can systematically learn to understand, align with, and act on the broad forces of disruption.

Join the MindSet Innovation Forum, which highlights essential skills to take advantage of new technologies applicable to every industry.


Managing BIM Projects Without Going CRAZY (MP5173)


This course covers effective practices for project managers, engineers, and designers working on Building Information Modeling (BIM) projects for heating, ventilating, air conditioning, electrical, plumbing, water/wastewater, and other engineering practices.

Learn how BIM and Revit software alter the traditional design workflows and processes, and discover how to manage the disruptive changes. The course will cover preproject planning, dealing with project components and content and understanding what tools can really help the project bottom line. We will also cover where Revit software alters typical project tasks. The course is well suited for the first-time manager and experienced user. If you’re ready for an energetic, fast-paced class that packs in a lot of information, then sign up early and often.

AutoCAD Secrets Exposed (AC6857)


This class is filled with timesaving tips and tricks that you can use to increase your productivity immediately, no matter what version of AutoCAD software you currently use. If you have attended previous offerings of this class, you know there is always something you didn’t know you could do, so don’t miss this year’s class.

We have many tips to expose, including a few tips from the new and exciting AutoCAD 2015 software. Recent upgrades have introduced some of the most effective, production-enhancing tools. Attend this class and discover what might take you years to discover on our own. Leave this class with knowledge that will dazzle your co-workers back home—a great way to get yourself a ticket to attend next year’s Autodesk University.


Building Tomorrow Today: Spotlight on BIM 360 Glue and Navisworks (CO4970-P)


With Building Information Modeling (BIM) becoming mandated for use in major construction projects, it is all the more important to be sure that stakeholders coordinate their designs regularly. This class focuses on BIM collaboration and coordination using BIM 360 Glue software, which delivers digital information across the project lifecycle to project stakeholders through cloud services delivered by Autodesk, Inc.

This class also explains how the extended project team can better coordinate and communicate to review the latest project models and run clashes in real time, thus improving the entire collaboration process and saving money. Finally, this class will show how to take the model coordinate using BIM 360 Glue software and use it in Navisworks project review software for more detailed clash tests and 5D TimeLiner simulations.


Real-Time Visualization and Simulation with 3ds Max Software and BitSquid (VI7267)


Discover how real-time game engine technology can help you to develop rapid workflows for real-time visualization, enabling you to iterate your designs more swiftly and efficiently. In this class you will learn how to use Autodesk, Inc.’s, BitSquid real-time engine to interactively explore and communicate your design intent. Your experience will be far more compelling and understandable when you use a real-time engine to switch between variations of interior designs, or when you use it to experience the build-up process of a bridge, an oil rig, or a hotel.

In this class you’ll learn how to set up your construction data inside of 3ds Max software in order to create a data set that can be explored and lit directly in the game engine. To underline the power of using BitSquid engine for real-time visualization, we will use a data set to simulate evacuation procedures in case of catastrophic events such as fire or explosion.


Inventor: Tips for Assemblies, Parts, Drawings, and Content Center Library (MD4846)


This class covers several workflows that answer the most common questions that Inventor software users have about assemblies, parts, drawings, and Content Center library.

You will learn how to add parts to top-down assemblies; create a chamfer on a corner point having freedom in the xyz dimensions; automatically show bend up/down direction for a sheet metal part in the drawing based on line color; control the display of alternate tolerance; copy multiple Inventor software drawing views as blocks in AutoCAD software’s model space with the right scale; to manage the content center files when you move to a newer Inventor release; place a Tube & Pipe fitting in an assembly as a normal part; change the BOM (bill of materials ) Structure of a standard part family; and calculate the cost of a Structural Shape component based on a standard cost-per-meter/length.


Innovation Forum: The Future of How Infrastructure is Made: Systems That Serve an Evolving Society (CV6208)


The need—and the ability—to innovate is greater than ever. New ways of working are needed to create our evolving society. Every system you design, from the electrical grid that lights and heats our homes, to water system that supports life, to the railroads on which we travel, to the refineries that provide the gasoline for our cars—underwrites a US$53 trillion demand for new or replacement infrastructure.

Hear about the future of how infrastructure will be made, and the trends in technology that will radically transform the way you, as industry professionals, plan, design, deliver, and operate tomorrow’s infrastructures by moving infrastructure delivery into a new era.


Truly Integrated CAM: Inventor HSM is a Well-Oiled Machine (PE5895)


Learn to extend the power of Autodesk, Inc.’s, fully integrated CAM Solution for Inventor software by complementing it with Vault software. You will learn about the workflows used to create machine code for the CNC (computer numerical control) machining of your parts, and you will also learn the benefits of using an integrated CAM system.

Data management is often a nightmare for companies that maintain design separately from files containing manufacturing information such as toolpaths. In this class you will see just how easily you can maintain both in a single file, using Inventor HSM software and Vault software.


Innovation Forum: The Future of How Buildings Are Made: A Stimulant for Your Next Project (AB6206)


The explosion of digital context is about to change everything that you know about the design and construction of the built environment. Join the AU Innovation Forum, buckle yourself in, and wrap your mind around the future of making buildings.



We Were Small and Now We Are BIM: We Have All the Right Tools—The Question is “How?” (AB5406)


This class will demonstrate how Building Design Suite Ultimate software is used to capitalize on Building Information Modeling (BIM) in Canada’s competitive retail world. With real-life examples, this class will present the steps taken not only to transition effectively from CAD in order to improve workflow and deliverables, but also to generate new revenue streams.

At the end of this class attendees will understand how a midsize, Canadian, architectural production office uses Revit software, Navisworks project review software, 3ds Max software, and ReCap software point clouds to achieve success and growth.


1D to 4D Factory Planning with Factory Design Suite (PF5291)


This class is set up to cover a complete workflow based on Autodesk, Inc., technology, including process planning over 2D to 3D layout, reality capture, and 4D timeline in virtual factory experience.



Revit as a Tool for Modeling Concrete Reinforcement (SE6926)


Revit software provides tools for modeling 3D concrete reinforcement in an advanced Building Information Modeling (BIM) environment. This presentation provides insight into how to use these tools in the best way for the creation of complete, detailed, and more accurate reinforcement designs.

Learn how to use the standard reinforcement modeling, drawing, and scheduling tools for standard rebars and wire fabric mesh. Discover the possibilities in custom rebar shapes. Get new ideas for using 3D models in reinforcement construction at the expense of drawings. If you believe in a future world where engineers, contractors, and fabricators communicate reinforcement design using the most intuitive way possible—the visual 3D representation of the future—then this class is for you.


 Introduction to Simulation Composite Software (SM5133)


In this class we will provide a guided, hands-on experience for working with both Simulation Composite Analysis software and Simulation Composite Design software.




Getting started with Fusion 360 (CD5231)


This class will serve as an introduction to the Fusion 360 3D CAD design app, covering typical processes and workflows. Gain a clear understanding of the user interface, commands, and functionality. Additionally, learn about the fundamentals necessary to bring the Fusion 360 app into your work environment, and get started designing products differently.


InfraWorks: Caffeinated Sites Are So Ex-SITE-ing (CV7237-P)


This extremely dynamic, feature-filled class will help you to evaluate in context, analyze, and communicate your highly detailed land development site projects using InfraWorks and Civil 3D. We will use real-world projects with InfraWorks 360 and Civil 3D models at the 30%, 60%, 90%, and 100% design stages for quality design checks and public involvement reviews.

More specifically, we will bring these sites to life with buildings, ponds, ADA access, accurate parking stripes, and pavement markings. Next, we’ll demonstrate how to add more depth by randomizing the vehicles and vegetation with Java script that you can tailor to your own requirements. We’ll also uncover the secrets of when to use IMX, DAE, SDF, and others file formats to greatly increase your productivity and improve file management. Lastly, we’ll place everything on a storyboard to produce a striking client video.


AU Closing Keynote Address (7240)


Finish off AU 2014 with a fantastic finale featuring Amar Hanspal, Autodesk senior VP of the Information modeling and Platform products Group.

This high-energy session ties together this year’s ideas and trends and sends you on your way to an exciting year of creating and innovating. This will need to be seen to be believed.


Autodesk session videos originally published at http://au.autodesk.com/au-online/live-stream

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