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Advances and Advantages as Autodesk Moves to the Cloud

Autodesk now brings its software to your web browser, and the many advantages that come with it.

The engineering, entertainment and design communities have been abuzz lately, and it’s all because of one exciting development: Autodesk’s suite of 3D creation software has made the significant leap from just being a desktop installation, to a cloud-based service that can be accessed by practically any device anywhere.

The development is said to be an industry first, and is an extension of Autodesk’s remote access capabilities introduced earlier in 2013. Unlike the initial remote services though, this new expansion requires no installations, but will still give designers and engineers everywhere access to Autodesk Inventor, Revit, 3ds Max and Maya via web browser, wherever they may be. All that’s required is an internet connection, a device and a browser that supports HTML5.

The new service is the result of Autodesk’s collaboration with cloud services provider Amazon Web Services, Mozilla, cloud rendering company OTOY and tech company NVIDIA, and is said to deliver remote access to Autodesk services without compromising performance in any way. This, according to Autodesk chief technology “face deadline pressures and efficiency targets that demand work be more mobile than ever.”

A few videos have been posted online showing some of Autodesk’s offerings running in Firefox on a Mac OS X, and responses to trials have been chiefly positive.

Highly Relevant Advantages

Autodesk’s move to cloud-based software could not come at a better time, as the benefits brought by this development are highly relevant to the needs of design industries today, and will no doubt further their capabilities. Below are just a few of its many exceptional benefits:

  • Autodesk anywhere, anytime – With minimal requirements of only an internet connection and an HTML 5 compatible web browser, it is extremely convenient to access Autodesk services almost anywhere at any time. You get the same high quality 3D experience whether you’re at home, at the office or in the field.
  • No need to download – No downloads, installations or plugins, and no need for powerful hardware to run everything means you save significant amounts of energy, money and time.
  • More computing power – By simulating in the cloud, your current desktop or other devices are freed from the load that 3D simulation software would normally put on them. This can enable you to do more computing better and at a faster pace.
  • Better collaboration – With work being saved and shared in the cloud, multiple parties may work on the same projects at the same time no matter where they are. Companies with offices in different parts of the world no longer have to go through the arduous task of transferring large files across great distances. Collaborations between designers, field workers, contractors and even clients become more convenient, because none of them have to be in the same place or have access to advanced hardware. With better collaborations, projects can produce better results.
  • Faster results and customisation – Your local device hardware need never hold you back when you’ve got the cloud on your side. With these services you get exceptional responsiveness and faster operation. Even with large files, customisation will take only a fraction of the average time it would take on a local workstation.

There’s no telling what more may be in store from the leader in 3D design software, Autodesk, but with its movement to cloud-based software there’s sure to be much more we can expect. For now though, those interested can give the new cloud-based service a whirl, with 90-day trials announced by Autodesk, offered through Autodesk Remote software.

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