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The 6 Largest Time Wasters for Manufacturing Designers and How to Avoid Them

Without the ability to update processes dynamically, small manufacturing design teams relying on Microsoft Windows folders can easily fall into time traps due to lost files or poor data management.

Autodesk Vault provides an optimum solution to manage data effectively and efficiently.  Teams can streamline engineering and design processes, and as a result, promote innovation and increase profits through maximising ROI on design data.

Here we look at how Vault remedies the six largest time wasters for designers.

1. Poor file structure organisation

Having a poor file structure leads to a host of potential time delays, caused by models not updating, missing references, incorrect drawings and duplicating work.

Default Windows file structures and files saving to different locations can be a frustrating way to manage complex designs.


Using Autodesk Vault, data can be structured and organised logically. Using searches that are customisable and saveable means the relevant data is at always at your fingertips.

2. Not collaborating effectively

When multiple team members are unable to work consecutively on large assemblies, the progress of a design is hindered, and can lead to costly rework due to lost data.


Vault allows collaboration across the design team, and multiple designers can work on a large design without overwriting each other’s work.

3. Unresolved references in designs due to broken links

Critical data can be missed from live drawings, and designs can be modified unexpectedly if files are moved, changed or deleted without designers being aware of where those files are used.


The links in 3D designs are fully understood and managed by Vault, which means easy copying, renaming and reusing of designs.

4. Time spent renaming files after copying designs for reuse i.e. non-value add design work

Renaming and copying designs to leverage existing design data is an efficient way to work, however having to do so manually on a Windows folder structure can be problematic if all of the files require renaming.

Associations can be lost and this can result in duplicate files, which increases the risk of using incorrect parts and drawings.


Vault provides the ability to quickly copy and rename design and drawing files whilst maintaining links. Easy-to-follow wizards guide designers on how to successfully reuse existing designs.

5. Time to find files

When you need to find a critical document or design, and there are 200 drawings with similar names, it can take a long time to find critical information if searching by filename alone.


By having a data management system in place, changes to processes can easily be implemented and managed in a design team. This makes locating design data much easier. The customisable search in Vault allows users to search on multiple property fields, as opposed to just a name search in Windows.

6. Rework and double handling of client design changes

Without version control in Windows, the designer needs to start over when the design changes or a mistake is made.


Designers can roll back designs in Vault to specific points in time, while maintaining the latest work. This prevents the need to redo changes and lost time on work that has already been completed.

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