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3D printing ourselves into fashion!

It’s been almost two years since Justin LeBlanc’s 3D printed wares graced the catwalk on Lifetime’s hit series, Project Runway.

Since then, a countless number of designers have found ways to integrate the technology into their clothing, shoes, and accessories. Last week, the show proved that they could also make it work.


3D Printed Swatch Shoulder 3D Printed 3D Swatches 3D printed Swatch

After the contestants designed their textiles and sent them to print, they closed up shop the for night. The next morning the resulting textile was ready to be sewn into any piece of clothing the way that any fabric might, allowing any fashion designer to take advantage of futuristic, Bitonti or van Herpen-type, 3D printed designs.

3D Systems Fabricate 3D printed textile project runway

On this episode of season 14 of Project Runway, the five remaining contestants were challenged to implement 3D textiles into their final pieces, inspired by an iconic New York City bridge.

When introduced to the technology, some were baffled (“I don’t know what that means. I don’t even own a 2D printer.”) and some were stoked (“I love 3D! I walk around and the world is in 3D!”). After being paired with some 3D modellers from expert companies, the designers were able to sketch their ideas for 3D printed textiles, which the expert crew transformed into printable designs.

Then, with a suite of easy-to-use 3D printers back at the studio, they 3D printed their textiles and incorporated them into their final looks.
3DS-Fabricate-Project-Runway-Collection_Ashley-Nell-Tipton-Design 3DS-Fabricate-Project-Runway-Collection_Edmond-Newton-Design 3DS-Fabricate-Project-Runway-Collection_Candice-Cuoco-Design 3DS-Fabricate-Project-Runway-Collection_Kelly-Dempsey-Design

Our Digital Marketing Executive is a personal fan of the show and, you might have guessed, a heavy 3D printing enthusiast; For her, this episode was the highlight of the entire season.

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Photo Credit: Project Runway

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